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Over the past nine years, FTA has collaborated with more than 35 clients in both Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Our expertise spans execution across multiple assets on both the Sell side and Buy side, FX settlement, and Crypto.

Fractional CTO - CISO
Unleash the potential of your business with fractional CTO and CISO expertise, enhancing success one moment at a time.
Require assistance in steering your strategy, managing the internal Book of Work, or seeking independent advice? We're here to help.
Digital Assets - TradFi - DeFi - Trade cycles Pre | At | Post
With profound knowledge and extensive experience in the constantly evolving digital landscape, we can guide your path or offer a thorough review of product dynamics, market shifts, regulatory considerations, or IT matters.
When we heard the name of the residential complex and listened to the wishes of the customer, the picture of the perfect interior has immediately appeared in our minds: monochrome, devoid of any unnecessary details, but not of personality.

FTA is uniquely positioned to provide a fresh perspective on a longstanding issue – the divide between business and technology. While this challenge may go unnoticed in the corporate world by many, it is undeniably real and disruptive. Both sides may believe they understand the other, but the lack of cohesive collaboration often leads to costly errors. FTA aims to bridge this gap and offer innovative solutions.

Each solution is meticulously tailored to address the challenges and resolve issues unique to your business needs.
Core Team
Our dedicated team of experts strives daily to deliver exceptional service, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients.
  • Matt Dangerfield
    Matt established our company, serving as the architect of our primary goals and values. He identified the key members of our team, nurturing and showcasing their unique talents within the work process. His initial steps were truly pivotal.
  • David Grocott
    David ignited the inception of our company. As the driving force behind our core goals and values, he handpicked the key members of our team, unleashing their unique talents in the work process. David's dynamic and enthusiastic approach set the stage for our thrilling beginnings.
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